Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why would someone want aerial video / photographs?


A:  Aside from most footage / photographs from our drones being stunningly beautiful, they can provide function as well.  We're able to view properties and their surroundings from hundreds of feet up, which aids in land development, planning, zoning--and other real estate related benefits.  They also are great ways to film water sports or any other sporting event without interfering in the events themselves.  They can be used in the film industry to film action sequences from above, or getting a great shot from a difficult height / angle.  The possibilities are limitless!


Q:  How long do your drones stay in the air?


A:  Each flight time can vary based on factors like wind, but typically we get around ~25 minutes of flight time before we have to land and swap in a fresh battery.


Q:  Do your drones record sound?


A:  Our drones do not record sound, and even if they did it wouldn't be very beneficial as the sound coming from the propellers would drown everything else out!  We're able to sync sound separately, or add music to drone footage at our shop, though.


Q:  How fast can the drones go?


A:  Maximum travel speed is around 33-35 MPH (again, will vary with things like wind).


Q:  What're the recording capabilities of the drones you guys use?


A:  They can record up to 4k resolution at a frame rate of about 25-26 frames per second.  2k/1080i/p/720p and lower resolutions can be filmed at 120+ frames per second.  Pictures are taken in 4k RAW format and later edited into PNG/JPEG depending on the preference of the client.






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